Stop taking on anything and everything and start attracting the work and customers that are most profitable to your business.

So, who here started their Tradie business with the vision of making more money, spending less time on the tools and more time doing the things that you love to do?

Too many Tradie businesses we come to work with are busier than ever, taking on more and more work, but the profits just aren’t increasing. Running a successful and profitable Tradie Business is hard work, it’s long hours and it’s stressful at times. It doesn’t matter what trade you are in; you were never taught how manage and market your business.

Having a clear marketing plan and message for your business will stand you out from the rest. Why just be known, when you can be known as the specialist, the expert, the go to of your chosen trade. What is your point of difference? Why does your customer choose you? Stop competing for work on price, they will pay more for exceptional service from the specialist.

By having a clear and compelling marketing message, you’re positioning yourself ahead of every other business that does what you do. Your customer deserves this, and in turn it positions yourself with the type of work, time and profit you originally set out to have in your tradie business.

Marketing is simply no longer optional. Learning, understanding, and implementing the simple fundamental skills of marketing into your tradie business is going to position yourself ahead of the rest.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

➔ I simply don’t know where to start
➔ You haven’t updated your business website since it was first created
➔ You post every now and again on social media but rarely get much engagement
➔ You’re not sure what content your audience actually wants to see from you
➔ You’re not sure how to take good photos and videos from your phone
➔ You’re not sure of what type of marketing is actually going to move your business forward
➔ Your marketing message isn’t clear and compelling

You’re not alone. Many tradie businesses that we talk to feel the same.

Introducing the Market Your Tradie Business course.

It’s simple, short and an effective guide in the basic marketing knowledge you need to get started with moving your business and brand in the right direction. 

It takes only 90 minutes to watch the videos and a few hours to implement your learnings, but the outcome is you have the clarity and roadmap that your competitors wish they had.

Whether it’s you or someone in your team completing it, you can watch the bitesize videos, follow the simple roadmap and have a weight lifted off your shoulders when it comes to ‘marketing overwhelm’.

You’re time-poor so take the shortcut.

We’ve already done the hard work for you, taking the fundamentals of marketing and stripping it down to build a simple, relevant solution, just for Tradie Businesses.

All you need is a couple of hours and the desire to understand and improve your marketing so you can start attracting the clients and work that is most profitable and enjoyable to your business.

Whether you’re a complete novice or have already been learning the marketing ropes, this course is for you. We’ll show you the way with our signature framework.

What’s included:

  • 90 minutes of short, bitesize videos (you can watch on smoko or waiting for your morning coffee)
  • Our signature framework which lays out a simple, stress-free roadmap to get started on your marketing journey
  • A simple guide you can fill out to document your plan as you go Examples of how businesses like yours have implemented these steps and how it’s transformed their business

What you’ll learn:

  • How to become known as a specialist 
  • How to get clear on your ideal customers 
  • How to create your marketing message 
  • The number one marketing tactic we recommend
  • A checklist for your branding essentials
  • The key things your website needs to show to achieve more bookings and enquiries
  • How to set up your social media profiles correctly 
  • How to take a great photo and video using just your iphone 
  • How to know what content to create for your business
  • And many more bonus modules like… how to use videos to attract more applicants when hiring!

Get free access to our Reels for Tradies online course

Learn how to create Instagram Reels for your Tradie business in 30 minutes

The Market Your Tradie Business course is for you if:

➔ You have a tradie business (sole traders right through to small companies)
➔ Marketing overwhelms you but you know it’s critical to get started
➔ You want to improve the way your business is positioned against your competition
➔ You’re sick of competing on price but you feel like your customers don’t understand your value or expertise
➔ You’re not confident on how to approach social media or what/when to post
➔ You’d like to know how to improve the quality of your photos and videos from just your phone
➔ You feel like your marketing message could be clearer
➔ You’d like to become known as the ‘go-to’ expert for solving a particular problem for your customers

The Market Your Tradie Business course is not for you if:

You don’t have any time to invest in improving your marketing
You’re already achieving all of your revenue goals and don’t have any major challenges
You’re not interested in improving the way your business is positioned in the market

Hi, I’m Cass!

Host of the Market Your Tradie Business podcast and owner of Builds by Captive Media – we create strategic videos for the construction industry. 

This course has been designed by me, for you, because I noticed that almost every small business owner I spoke to in the construction industry was having the same challenges and conversations around marketing and I wanted to help! 

As a small business owner myself, I understand how stressful it can be to know where to start with marketing. Sometimes it’s easier to just put it in the “too-hard” basket! You’re busy, why would you want to take on anything else? 

But over the years I’ve worked with many small businesses just like yours and I’ve helped them to achieve better results and communicate with clarity by improving the quality of their content marketing. 

Market Your Tradie Business was born from these struggles and conversations because I knew that there was an easier way for businesses like yours to improve the way they attract customers to their business. 

I knew this course needed to be simple, short and relevant and provide actionable steps to ensure it could be implemented easily into any tradie business. 

Imagine 6 months from now…

  • You’ve clarified your message 
  • You’re becoming known as the ‘go-to’ expert in your field
  • You’re attracting more of the right clients that are most profitable
  • You have a simple system for creating and sharing the right content 
  • You no-longer have to feel overwhelmed by the idea of marketing

Here’s how we can help you get out of the cycle of marketing overwhelm:

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    Market Your Tradie
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I want this! But I’m too busy to do this course right now.

No problems! You have lifetime access to the course and you can complete it in your own time. The course content is broken down into 5(ish) minute videos and takes about 1.5 hours to watch them all.

So I can just buy it in a few months once I’m ready?

Absolutely! However just note that the foundational members price will be ending shortly so you will be paying more for the same course. 

The cost to your business of not clarifying what you do and who you help can be huge! MYTB is designed to set you up for success at a fraction of the cost of working one:one with a marketer.

I’m not super tech-savy. Will this explain it in a way I can understand?

Yes, the MYTB course gives you a simple roadmap to follow with step-by-step instructions for getting started on your marketing journey. 

Anything that involves technology is explained simply with example videos to show you the way.

My admin person does the social media posting, is this course better suited for them?

This is an awesome resource to give to your admin person to learn and follow when marketing your business. 

However, a big part of the first 3 modules is getting clear on your direction as a business and which customers are most profitable. This is an invaluable exercise for the business owner to complete and we hope that you’ll find it brings a lot of clarity.

So therefore, doing the course yourself as the owner is recommended

We’re already so busy as a business and have a consistent stream of leads in the pipeline. Will MYTB help me?

That depends – is a majority of your work that you’re winning for your high value, most profitable clients? Are you known in the industry for being a specialist at what you do? Do you already have a marketing strategy and system that is working great for you? Are you finding recruitment straight forward and getting lots of applicants? If Yes – then congratulations! You are ahead of most businesses like yours in the construction industry right now. If you said no to any of these then MYTB will be a valuable tool in your tool box.