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Bitesize episodes for the time poor Tradie Business owner helping you get clarity on how to market your Tradie Business.

If you feel stuck in the cycle of marketing overwhelm then you're not alone. 

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 Tradie businesses aren’t taught how to market their businesses or create content and can feel stuck and overwhelmed at the idea of marketing!

They often don’t know how to get clear on their message and their audience which means their content falls flat and doesn’t move their business any closer to their goals. 

Consequently they are taking on anything and everything  which isn't increasing their profitability.


Plus their customers are confused and uninspired by the website and social media which is repelling the clients they really want!

The Kickstarter Session is for Tradie Business owners who are looking for guidance to get started on their marketing journey. 


It’s a 90 minute one:one zoom call where we get clear on:

·       Your core product offering 

·       Your audience for that product 

·       What your audience’s internal and external problems are 

·       What your core message is as a business (your one-liner)

·       Your mediums (website / socials etc) 

·       Your content pillars 

·       Your plan 

It’s for you if….


  • You know you want to improve your marketing but you’re not sure where to start or what services to invest in 

  • You can’t explicitly state in one sentence what problem you solve and for whom

  • You don’t know if paid advertising is right for your business and you don’t want to spend the money unless you’re sure

  • You know the power in social media marketing but you aren’t sure what kind of content you should be posting

  • You want to attract more of the most profitable clients and projects and less of the tyre kickers who expect something for nothing 


It’s not for you if:


  • You’re already winning all of the work that you want and none of the work that you don’t want 

  • Your current marketing plan is already working great 

  • You don’t have any interest in growing and changing your approach to marketing 

  • You don’t want to invest any time in marketing (even if it’s only a small amount)


Book in for one of our 90 minute Kickstarter Sessions and we’ll unpack the nuts and bolts of what you do and who you help and use that to build a simple roadmap for you to follow. 


How good would it feel if in 90 minutes, you could walk away clear and confident on your marketing angles. Knowing exactly what you need to post and what you need to stop posting! 


Reduce the stress of marketing overwhelm and save time by letting us guide you through the process. 

The Market Your Tradie Business course is
launching soon in 2022.

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