Kicking off a whole house renovation at Hamilton!

Kicking off a whole house renovation at Hamilton

If you’re a residential builder then there are 2 things I want you to think about with your marketing in particular:

1. How can you show the face behind the business in order to humanise your brand and build trust with you and your team?

2. How can you educate or inspire your audience by explaining / showing what’s happening on a build? And how do you do this in a way that’s easy for them to understand?

Most of the time, your clients are going to be people who probably don’t have a lot of experience in the build or reno process.

So it’s your job to invite them in in a way that is interesting and easy for them to follow. If you can position yourself as approachable and trustworthy in your content, then you’re already miles ahead of your competition who might not be creating content around this.

People do business with people. So focus on humanising your business and welcoming customers in a positive and educational way.

This is a kick-off video that we recently made for the team at Brogan Ryan Builders at the start of his whole house renovation at Hamilton.

  • Services Provided

    On site videography, pre-production planning, post-production editing.

  • Produced For

    Brogan Ryan Builders