Videos, Photos &
Business Video Strategy

Solving the problem

You don’t just want a video.
You want a result for your Business.

Are you sick of winning tenders in a competitive market and then struggling to find the employees to support the growth in your business.

You know that your company provides a great place to work but yet you’re struggling to get enough applicants for the roles you need to fill.  

You know that the outcome and client experience of working with you is A-class and you want to attract clients that align with this and value your experience. 

You’re not alone. Many businesses in the construction industry that we talk to feel the same. 

But luckily there is a much easier way to communicate your value in minutes and do what your competitors are likely not – using strategic videos to position you as a leader in your market.

Most video production companies create great looking videos.

They make you look good and feel good watching them. You put them up proudly on your website, YouTube and LinkedIn channel and then…. 

Well… in a lot of cases that is it. 

Videos not created with a strategy first approach, can’t be expected to get strategy first results for your business. 

At Builds by Captive Media, we are accredited video strategists and we know you don’t really want to buy a video, you want to buy a result that the video brings. 

Whether that’s: 

  • More brand exposure
  • Building trust with your potential clients
  • Getting more clients to choose you in the tender process 
  • Attracting more high quality employees 
  • Keeping your existing customers happy and loyal to your brand
  • Increasing employee engagement and motivating your staff

We get construction, we get how to build highly engaged, high performing teams and we ensure we get you before a camera is ever turned on. 

People want to work with businesses and brands that they feel aligned with and connected to. Video is an extremely effective and powerful tool for achieving this. We believe it’s the future of digital marketing content. 

If your competitors are doing this and you are not, then you risk missing out on potential business because other brands have communicated their value more clearly and effectively. 

Here’s how we can work together:

  • Single video
  • Work together on a one-time project to create strategic videos for your business.
  • Pre-production strategy meeting (in person or zoom)

  • Shooting as required for your project on location
  • All camera equipment, audio, lighting and drone usage is included
  • Post-production of videos, optimised for your platforms
  • Implementation guide – how to use your videos
  • Video
  • Strategy-backed video packages, delivered over a 1-3 month period, designed to increase the value and results for your business from video.
  • Includes everything in single video production
  • We capture multiple videos over fewer shoots
  • Which results in a lower cost per video
  • Increases the value in the content you receive
  • And is informed by a video strategy which increases the results and helps shape the positioning of your company
  • Positioning
  • Our highest value solution. Partner with us over a 6+ month period and receive a custom business video strategy and monthly video content, designed to move the needle on your results.
  • Includes the Business Video Strategy for free in month one
  • Marketing needs assessment – identifies your existing opportunities and strengths
  • Workshop with our accredited video strategist and your business (in person or zoom)
  • Strategic content delivered every month, customised to your business goals and challenges
  • A break down of the concept for each recommended video including how it can be used, distributed, optimised and measured

Video done right can position you differently, attract the right people to your brand and save you time, effort and money on repeat processes in your business like onboarding and safety training.

Strategic Video Production

We will design and deliver strategic, high quality, results focused videos for your business in 3 simple steps:

  1. Book a free discovery call so we can understand what you need, your goals and desired outcomes from creating videos
  2. We will plan, shoot and deliver strategic videos and show you how to use them to optimise growth and which metrics to use to measure success
  3. You can confidently use videos to showcase your value, win more tenders and attract great employees to your brand

We come alongside your marketing team and support them to amplify your existing campaigns and achieve a better result for your business. 

Business Video Strategy

A winning strategy is so much more than just individual videos,
so we will build you a custom 12 month video roadmap for your business.
Perfect if you already work with a video team and just want the strategy piece.

Your strategy will include:

  • Videos that you can DIY in house – mostly from your phone that require little to no editing 
  • Videos that we recommend getting professionally made
  • Recommendations on how you can shoot multiple projects together so you can save thousands on production costs over time

Your strategy is yours to use as you please, whether that’s creating them in house, with a professional team or a combination of both.  You can use this roadmap with any video production company that you like (although we hope you consider us!) 😀


Download our free guide which gives you the 6 videos every construction industry business needs in 2022.

Strategic videos are for you if:

➔ You value creating content that achieves a business result
➔ You’re not keen on paying for professional videos that don’t show a return on investment
➔ You care about connecting with your customers and employees in a human-centred way
➔ You want to ensure you get the maximum results from your marketing budget
➔ Videos have previously been a cost on your P&L but you know they could be a revenue generator
➔ You think your potential customers could better understand your value and experience
➔ You struggle to attract enough high quality applicants when recruiting

Strategic videos are not for you if:

You are looking for a quick fix to your business challenges
You are more interested in hero-ing your brand than hero-ing your customers and employees
You are already achieving all of your sales goals and have no major challenges
You don’t have time to think about strategy and you just want a team that makes a good looking video to do this for you
You are happy doing things the same way you always have
You actually love the challenges in brand positioning and recruiting, it keeps you on your toes 😉

Our unique story

Our founder and Accredited Video Strategist Cass, has been making video content for the construction industry for the past 3 years for companies like Apollo property, FDC, Plan Group, Rohrig and Pryda.

Before this, she spent 7 years working in a Senior Management Role, building and leading large teams, for the worlds number 1 (Great Place To Work certified) company – DHL Express. 

She understands intrinsically how to create strategic videos and how to engage and build high performing teams. 

The apex where these two meet forms Builds by Captive Media. 

Here’s what some
of our clients say:


Annette - Apollo Property Group

“Coordinating and strategising video and photo assets can be a full time job. Cassie and the Team have come alongside us and supported us by designing and creating strategic videos that showcase our work and build trust with our customers. This means we can focus on business growth and new and existing project delivery.”

Brogan Ryan Builders

“As a builder, I take pride in the work we produce and want to ensure I showcase these projects in the best possible light for both our clients and my company.

The problem was where do I start and what to actually do to get a return on any marketing or media.

Since partnering with the Team at Builds by Captive Media, I’ve got a custom content strategy for my business and they do all the heavy lifting with shoot planning, production and execution.

They work with our busy schedule and Cassie understands the challenges of our industry.

I now have a content strategy for every project and receive quality videos and photos.”

Kylie - Straddie Brewing Co

“Content is King for any brand, big or small, and nothing beats high quality video content. 

Working with Builds by Captive Media has been both enjoyable and easy. 

Their collaborative and friendly approach has helped us create video content to share our brewery build journey across our marketing channels, achieving high engagement, new audiences, and social sharing. 

This has helped us become positioned as one of the most exciting up-and-coming craft breweries in Australia.”


How much time will I need to invest, I’m really busy?

For the Business Video Strategy, you’ll just need to invest 3-4 hours for the workshop and then 1 hour to have your roadmap presented to you upon completion. The goal of the workshop is for us to do a deep dive and really understand your business and your audience so that we can provide a ‘done-for-you’ strategy.

For video production, the most amount of time you’ll need to share will be in the pre-production planning phase. This is when we work with you to get clear on the nuts and the bolts of the video concept, production plan and distribution plan. Each project is different but anywhere between 2-5 hours would be an average assessment of what is required from you. Depending on the production plan, you may or may not be heavily involved in the shooting of the content. We will direct and produce all production unless you specifically request to be involved in this.

How quickly can I expect to see results from my videos?

As each video is designed for a specific purpose, there is no cookie cutter answer to this. For example, a video designed for brand positioning would be an evergreen asset that would be used for years to strategically create awareness of who you are and what you do. A video for recruitment would be used periodically as and when you are hiring and would be designed to convert prospective applicants straight away.

How will I measure success of my videos?

During the pre-production planning phase, we will determine the primary and secondary channels that your videos will be displayed on. We will also provide a distribution plan to optimise the videos for each channel and suggestions on how we can measure success of the videos. Depending on the channels, some metrics will be numbers based and others will be gut feel based.

How much does a video cost?

During the pre-production planning phase, we will determine the primary and secondary channels that your videos will be displayed on. We will also provide a distribution plan to optimise the videos for each channel and suggestions on how we can measure success of the videos. Depending on the channels, some metrics will be numbers based and others will be gut feel based.

If I get a video strategy roadmap, can I use another video production team to create the videos?

Absolutely! That strategy is yours to do what you like with and you are able to work with any professional video production team that you prefere. If you already have a video team that you work with but would like a more strategic plan, then this can compliment your existing team well. If you are looking for a video production team we are also best placed to help bring this strategy to life in the way it was intended.

Do I need a video strategy in order to have videos made by you?

No you don’t. We recommend the video strategy roadmap because it gives you a big picture plan and enables thousands of dollars of cost savings if you are looking for multiple videos, but the two products are mutually exclusive

You don’t build a house without a set of plans so why market without one?

I really see the value in a strategic approach but I’m not sure if the decision makers in my company will be ready to invest in the workshop

We understand that a video strategy roadmap isn’t a common term in the business world and may take some understanding to get your key people on board with the idea. That’s why we strongly advise you to invite your key stakeholders to attend the workshop. We’re very confident that the strategy will provide big picture clarity for you and your team on how you achieve your objectives using video.

We’re already performing really well as a business and winning a majority of our tender submissions. Will a video strategy roadmap help me?

Yes! Congratulations for being in a strong starting position. We can create content to build on your existing results, attract more of your ideal clients, increase employee engagement, improve training and much more!